Estate Badia di Morrona

Rediscovery of a unique property

Set in the nonpareil Tuscan landscape between Pisa and Volterra, Badia di Morrona boasts a full 600 hectares, an estate where woods of cypress, oaks, and holm oaks leave space for 40 hectares of olive groves, and— above all—110 hectares of vineyards rising up the gentle hillslopes near the Cascina river, between Terricciola and Casciana Terme Lari. It was precisely in this part of the estate that the Gaslini Alberti family, when they purchased the property in 1939, came across their first vineyards, eloquent testimony to the area’s long-established and deep rooted viticulture.
  • Estate - Badia di Morrona
In the 1990s, Duccio Gaslini Alberti, father of the current owners Filippo and Alessandra, aware of the advantages represented by these unique conditions, decided to significantly improve the quality of the estate wine by launching a sustained vineyard re-planting programme, with the far-sighted goal of preserving the most promising vineyards. That involved identifying the most desirable clones, applying the most appropriate vineyard densities, and adopting vine-training systems, all of which were aimed at producing authentic, high-quality terroir wines.
Today, the results of these studies and project are evident. Considering red grapes, which predominate on the estate, Sangiovese plays the major role; in fact, a full 60% of all the estate vineyards are dedicated to this “Tuscan monarch,” with some parcels planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Syrah as well.
From the perspective of continuous research and innovation, one can appreciate the centuries-long journey of the estate from the ancient Badia, historical nucleus of Badia di Morrona winemaking, to the modern design of the new sustainable wine cellar.

Both of these elements are landmarks in the territory, marking a perfect balance between past and present that fascinates visitors.