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Founded by Camaldolese monks in the year 1089, this Romano Catholic accordingly can also celebrate marriages. It was carefully restructured, conserving its original aspect, and for this reason it conserves the fascination of an ancient medieval monastery.

The first space to be encountered is an ample cloister from which it is possible to enter into the internal space of the refectory, which is the largest area, and then to the other spaces arranged around the cloister and, from here, the park which surrounds the abbey.
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The monastery garden is divided into two areas in the more distant from the villa is a panoramic swimming pool.

All the structure is to complete disposition and can liberations decide like organizing the your event. In to Tenuta Badia of Morrona, the possibility in the “Villa La Selvicciola” to organize your wedding in a Tuscan style, between the hills and the vineyards surrounding the villa.

Not forgetting that at the villas and apartments of the Tenuta can accommodate guests attending the ceremony. From the perspective of continuous research and innovation, one can appreciate the centuries-long journey of the estate from the ancient Badia, historical nucleus of Badia di Morrona winemaking, to the modern design of the new sustainable wine cellar.
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