Cellar Badia di Morrona

Today the wine production facility is situated at the heart of Morrona within the locality of Terricciola, which has already won recognition as a Città del Vino (City of Wine), in large part through the efforts of Conte Duccio Gaslini Alberti.

In order to protect the integrity of this precious landscape, the wine cellar was designed as a modern-style structure discretely tucked into its environment; the building all but disappears into the hill, in fact, with only the grape reception space readily visible, while the rest of the building is partly underground, thus making possible gravity-fed grape transportation.
  • Cellar - Badia di Morrona
After the must is fermented in temperature controlled stainless-steel tanks, the wine is conveyed into a large circular hall, one of the cellar’s more remarkable features.
Here, the international varieties mature in oak barrels, while Sangiovese will rest in large oak casks; these large ovals enable the complexity and elegance of the Sangiovese to emerge, while the smaller barrels serve to balance the forcefulness and harmony of the Bordeaux blends. Many historic concrete vats, carefully restored, have been retained, since their micro-oxygenation encourages crisp freshness and elegance in the wine.
Sensitivity to a sustainable environment also dictated that the cellar hosts a large solar panel installation and a water treatment system to purify wastewater for re-use in irrigation and cleaning.

Finally, the cellar also offers wine-tasting facilities, both a tasting room proper as well as an open-air terrace next to the retail wine shop.